Assignment 5 – preliminary sketches 1

Initially for Assignment 5 I started by doing some of my original, from my imagination drawings of children, in the same manner as I had drawn children previously. The first of these was charcoal on gesso on cardboard.


I am conscious that these, from my head, drawings, are vaguely childlike/cartoon like, so I have to be aware of this and make sure they are more real. I wanted to draw children from life, as one thing this course has taught me is that my work from life is so much better then my work from photos, however with children it is almost impossible to ask them to stand still enough to work from. So I turned to google images of unhappy children, and have made sure every drawing I do is quick and impulsive, and so all of my drawings that are copies from photos have been drawn in a way that I would were I drawing from life.


The next two drawings were done with water soluble felt tips, in a sort of Banksy way. With these I made sure I focused on the shadows around the features, rather then the features, and I found this quite an easy way to draw.


I next turned to my sketchbook and just started messing around with drawings of children and ideas of haunted type faces.


For the below drawing I was trying to mess around with my idea of barbed wire around the head, entrapping a child, as I’d had a thought about this in my sketchbook above.


I then, for once, managed to get my children to sit still enough to draw them whilst watching tv, but the window was so limited and so were the facial expressions and also the positions, so they didn’t really amount to anything in terms of what I needed, but they were good to do nonetheless.


Next another sketchbook scribble using  pen and ink. This didn’t say anything I wanted particularly, and also has that weird cartoon like quality once again. I’m definitely better off not being lazy and actually using some sort of reference for my drawings.


Next I got my son to pose for me with the camera, and I asked him to make worried/sad faces which I then photographed and drew, again, in a Banksy manner. Its quite an expressive drawing, but doesn’t represent what I want to represent. Still, I then had ideas to work from this as its a very clear concise drawing which might prove useful.


I now need to keep on working in sketchbooks and keep messing around to see what comes up. These drawings have all given me more confidence in drawing children and getting the expressions right to take forward.

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