Exercise 2 Three Figure Drawings

I feel fairly comfortable with drawing the figure these days in charcoal, (the head/face less so), so this exercise is a good way of practising drawing the figure in other ways and pushing the boundaries a bit with other mediums which I have not yet tried much of.

Firstly I looked at a standing figure. Initially quick drawings in charcoal on A2.


Then a different way of doing a charcoal drawing of a standing figure.


I then decided to revisit an idea from an early exercise – drawing with ink using a scouring pad. I firstly did a drawing of two figures from my sketchbook from Cornwall on the beach onto A2 paper. 1


And then another two drawings from the beach from my small sketchbook, translated onto A2 with the ink and scouring pad.32

And then lastly, a drawing which took a bit longer. Here I used the scouring pad and ink, but then also used a paintbrush and more diluted ink to put in a bit more definition around the figure.


Its an interesting drawing, and I really like the way the scouring pad and ink create drawings, but its not something for a ‘long’ drawing, and only suits me working quickly which is possibly why I like it so much. I just look forward to the day I can create a face more confidently. I think using ink in this way with the scouring pad will be really good for groups of people, in a dynamic, fast moving way, and I’ll try to use it for that exercise which is coming up shortly.

I then felt I ought to have one go in pastel, so produced this last drawing from an image on the internet. I’ve called it ‘Getting into the Shower’, and I wanted to draw this sort of figure as most of the ones in the life drawing classes have been pretty much the same – very little variation in weight or interest. This drawing is pastel on tracing paper which I LOVE using, and would like to use in my Assignment piece but am seriously concerned it won’t hold up to being posted.


Next, two drawings in charcoal on A2 of a man seated.


This first one is fairly convincing except that I haven’t ‘grounded’ the foot enough which is annoying as it looks like its floating. Apart from that, the figure is fairly convincing, with weight in the right sort of places.


The second drawing has something weird going on at the lower back, and I can’t remember why I made those marks there at all.

As its the school holidays, I am now without a life model for the remainder of this section, so I have had to resort to using an online resource. I have found Croquis Cafe on Youtube and have been sitting drawing from my computer. This poses the challenge of not being able to draw very big, as its hard for your eye to go from a very small screen picture to a large scale A2 piece of paper, so I have turned to using pencil and ink and watercolour in my A4 sketchbook for the following drawings. For some of these there are some standing images too but just because I drew everything on the same page.


Its a useful resource, but somehow some of the poses seem a little more provocative and cliched then real life ones – perhaps this is just the videos that I have used myself. I’ve enjoyed this method of drawing though, with the black ink pen and watercolour washes, and its quite effective if a little illustrative for my liking.

My next task is to work out how to draw a reclining model without life drawing classes, as I don’t really want to do the whole exercise on you tube, but I realise I am going to need one for the Assignment piece also so will have to start investigating this straight away.

And lastly, onto Lounging. The first drawing was in fact done at a life drawing class, charcoal on A2 paper.


The second and third drawings are pen on normal paper with some watercolour wash. The first one less successful – bit contrived really and trying to be too perfect. The second one seems to have ended up with darker lines at the back which bring them into the foreground too much, whilst the foreground of the woman is not defined enough. Something to remember for the future.


And lastly to finish this exercise, a pastel lounging model (from Croquis Cafe) on tracing paper.


I’ve gone from Three Figure drawings in this exercise to countless figure drawings, but really feel I’ve explored different mediums well which is exactly what I wanted to achieve, so I’m happy with the results (or most of them at least!).

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