Exercise 4 – Statues

I have found it hard to get my head around this exercise. I have been working on Part 4 of the course (the figure and the head) at the same time as Part 3, and so drawing statues just seemed very lifeless (obviously) and a bit repetitive. It has been, for me, the least inspiring exercise of the course – I felt like I hit a brick wall.

We don’t have any statues nearby, so I headed to our local church and drew in the graveyard. I thought that perhaps I might find something interesting on the gravestones. I must have screwed up at least 3 pieces of paper, before deciding to concentrate on something completely different – as suggested by the exercise itself – the lichen on the stones, and the stones within the environment.

It possibly was the frame of mind I was in, but I ended up doing various mixed media, almost abstract sketches of the gravestones.








From the last drawing above, which was incredibly abstract, I then copied most of the elements onto a square made out of an A3 sketchpad, using graphite, watercolour and charcoal, which was ultimately an impression of the lichen on the gravestones.


I quite enjoyed this process – I haven’t done anything abstract on this course to date, so it was really good to have a go. I’m not sure the end result would stand up alone in a gallery – the colours are too dark and the composition could be better. I really like the dark against the bright spots of white and yellow though. It was an interesting exercise, although I have definitely stretched the brief beyond description!!!

2 thoughts on “Exercise 4 – Statues

  1. I like the colours and the idea. Also I wanted to have a go at the lichen on Norber so its given me things to think about! Graphite, charcoal and watercolour seem to work really well together.


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