Exercise 1 – Basic Shapes

For this exercise, I sadly gained from my husbands misfortune – he has pulled a muscle in his neck and has hardly been able to move for the last few days. Combined with the hot weather, he has been shirtless, so I took the opportunity to draw him sitting down on the sofa propped up with a cushion behind his head. I did four different drawings each using different media on different paper.

My first drawing was a basic charcoal A2 sketch on cartridge paper.


Second was a sketch in biro on A2 cartridge paper. This was interesting to do and I quite enjoyed it. I must say, I think if I had the patience it would look really good if I filled the whole page with proper scribbles, showing the detail of the other items. Perhaps this is something I should come back to. However, I have defined the dark area to the left of his head a little too much and its out of sync with the rest of the drawing which was annoying.


A small A4 ink drawing on very smooth paper. I really like this drawing.


And my last drawing. Charcoal on watercolour paper with a burnt sienna watercolour wash underneath. I was trying to capture atmosphere in this drawing, and pulling out certain areas. The only downside is the bright window. I am going to re-visit this and get rid of its brightness, as it wasn’t the actual light source so is confusing – the real light source was to the left. I think this will make the drawing make more sense. Also a small adjustment is needed to the right hand side of the neck – its too bright. The bottom calf is also a bit skinny so I will also re-visit that.


I’m starting finally to get a small likeness of my husband – minor minor – by no means perfect yet but each drawing is getting better. Regarding foreshortening, I’m hoping I’ve got this right in all four drawings. I struggled with the left arm on the ink drawing a bit as you can see from the extra lines drawn. But I like the big feet in all the drawings – they give a nice sense of scale the way they stick out in the front like giant’s feet.

I will re-post this last drawing when I have made my amendments to it as discussed above.

3 thoughts on “Exercise 1 – Basic Shapes

  1. great drawings. I like the last one and biro best. The ink was reminds me of richard Diebenkorn, whose drawings I really admire. You are doing some great experimenting with different media. I was also interested to read about the different landscape artists drawing/painting in series. The one with ink and volcanic dust I shall def. look up.


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