My friends and other artists, 1.5.2017

I recently attended an exhibition that was showing my work alongside other artists, and I thought I’d pop on here the paintings from other artists that I was interested in.

Before I mention the rest, I was extremely lucky to be able to purchase this painting from the show myself, as I have seen it before and coveted it.

Malham Tarn, oil on canvas

Fig 1. Stephenson, Norma. Malham Tarn. Oil on canvas.

Norma Stephenson is a British artist born up on the Scottish Borders. She is primarily known for her pastel work and is a member of The Pastel Society. I particularly love her use of colour and form above detail, and I love the abstract element to her work. Even though some of her paintings are bordering on abstract, she still uses great negative space within all of her work.

Sophie Barton

Fig 2. Bartlett, Sophie. Figure 1. Ink, Chalk and Collage. Nadia Waterfield Fine Art.

I was drawn (!!) to this drawing because of its likeness to the work of Matisse and Picasso, with the simple lines and the facial expression. The collage of blue paper around the head works well to add another element to the drawing, as do the rubbed out lines which almost create shadows on the work.

Keith Roper 1

Fig 3. Roper, Keith. Southrey Riverbank. Pastel. Nadia Waterfield Fine Art.

Keith Roper’s use of pastel with big blocks of colour and abstract quality lend a really contemporary feeling to this drawing. Pastel used to be so dated, but there are so many contemporary artists who are shaking things up and using it in new ways. I haven’t seen this artist before and I loved his work.

Douglas Davies

Fig 4. Davies, Douglas. RSW. Rising Mists. Acrylic on paperNadia Waterfield Fine Art.

Douglas Davies detail

Fig 5. Detail from Rising Mists

This is a very poor quality photograph of this painting (worse then the rest) but it gives an idea. Again, quite an abstract take on a landscape, but you can still see it is based on a landscape. I love the colours and lines within this painting with the splash of yellow on the right hand side.

Fig 6, 7 & 8

Fig 6. Mankin, David. Shadowy Cliffs, Acrylic and Mixed media. Nadia Waterfield Fine Art.

Fig 7 & 8. Detail from Shadowy Cliffs.

This is a totally abstract painting that I am fascinated by. There are so many colours and lines in this work, and everywhere you look on the canvas is interesting. Every time you look at it you notice something different and within the abstraction there is so much depth. It still baffles me as to how artists can create this sort of work, being someone who at the moment only seems to be able to paint what I see. I always ask how does an artist see this level of abstraction? How do they get that onto the canvas in a coherent manner?  I will be looking further into this artist’s work to see if I like other paintings too.

3 thoughts on “My friends and other artists, 1.5.2017

  1. Hello Georgina, first – congratulations on exhibiting your work. that’s fantastic. I know Norma well. she lives 2 miles away from Norber (the focus of my assignment 5 and where I was born/all my family live). Malham Tarn is a favourite place of mine in the locality and is the inspiration for the famous story’The Water Babes’ . Every summer for then last four years I have been on courses at Norma’s house (see Jack Beck painting courses) and this summer I am doing the one at the start of August. Did you also know that Norma is a fabulous cook? Luches/coffee breaks are always a feast on the courses.


    1. What a wonderful coincidence!! I would absolutely love to go on one of her courses and will certainly be looking into it when things ease up a bit at home (I have young children and a very hard working husband, so trips away aren’t easy). You will have to let her know that someone on her course loves her work so much they bought one!!


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