Project 2, Exercise 4

Shadows and Reflected Light

I had no A2 paper with a ‘tooth’ initially, so I started this exercise on the best I had…brown pastel paper. Not ideal – the brown paper meant that I got very few highlighted areas; they just don’t stand out.


Next a drawing on smooth white paper with no tooth – funnily enough the drawing on this paper is a better drawing but because I was drawing in semi darkness in order to get the correct shadows and reflected light, I have clearly left very few proper highlights and so the overall drawing is extremely dark with not enough contrast. The photograph below actually does it more favours then it deserves.


I have now picked up some better quality white A2 paper. Previously in this exercise I forgot to use the hatching marks or spots that were requested – I had gone back to my original boring standard drawing style again (must change these ‘safe’ habits), so the next drawing was much better and fitted the brief more accurately. I used A2 pastel paper with charcoal, and used a technique from a previous exercise – the larger scale cross hatching. I also left lots more light areas and left these to emphasise the highlights. The pots I used were stainless steel and so had plenty of shine and reflections.


This exercise does seem light in terms of content, but only because I have done so much work in previous exercises that slightly combines some of the work in this exercise with previous exercises, and some of my previous drawings could also stand in this section too.

I am, however, struggling with ‘fill the paper with your objects’ and I’m still hating the plain background of the paper. This, along with subject matter, is something that concerns me regarding Assignment one. Perhaps I’ve got to look outside the box of ‘classic still lives’ again, although these are easier to find and put together. I have mentioned this before though but this exercise specifically wanted reflective surfaces so I couldn’t really change the subject matter too much.

I must try to think wider for the Assessment piece and stop being tied down by my perception of a traditional still life, as that is NOT what is requested in the criteria.

Time to start thinking!

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